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Texas Sideline Reporter Rod Babers Resigns; Was Mack Brown The Reason?

Something shady going on here?

It's been a very rough year for the Texas Longhorns to this point, especially for head coach Mack Brown. But apparently it is affecting other UT personnel as well. Rod Babers, a former Longhorn player and sideline reporter for the Longhorn IMG Radio Network, announced yesterday on Twitter that he is resigning from his position.

There are conflicting reports as to what led to his resignation. Back in early September, it was reported that Babers had made some critical comments about Mack Brown and the program after the BYU game. Afterwards, he supposedly set up a meeting with Mack Brown to address some of the comments that he made. Since then, the debate has been centered around whether Babers resigned on his own accord or if he was forced to resign by either Mack Brown and/or The University of Texas.

The fans seem to be on Babers' side, although no one really knows for sure what happened. Either way, this is definitely not good publicity for a Texas program that has fallen off in recent years. 

[Paul Pabst]