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Tom Herman Wrote An Excuse For This Texas Fan To Miss A Wedding

Thanks to Tom Herman, one Texas fan might be able to skip a wedding to watch the Longhorns take on USC.

Sports are important. Weddings are important. And when a Texas football game falls on a wedding day, something has to give. For one fan, he's trying his hardest to make sure his buddy can attend the former—by getting Tom Herman to tip the scales.

Twitter user Trey Laidlaw sent a plea to Herman asking him to convince Amy, the fiancee of Payton Schramm, to let Payton attend the Texas - USC game this fall.

Check it out:

Here's Herman's note in full: Amy,From what I've been told Payton may have a conflict with attending the Texas/USC game. Since it's been brought to our attention Payton and his friends are undefeated in LA, we would really like for him to be there watching and cheering for us. The USC game will be a big game and we could really use Payton's support.We do send you and Payton our heartfelt congratulations on your upcoming wedding. For what it's worth, Amy appears to be giving it some thought.

Texas plays Maryland and San Jose State the first two weeks of the season.