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Check Out These Photos Of Tom Herman As A Texas Graduate Assistant

Now reportedly the head coach of Texas football, Tom Herman was once just a graduate assistant responsible for watching over Ricky Williams.

According to ESPN, Tom Herman has been hired as the head coach of the Texas football program. He'll now be the head coach of one of the most prestigious programs in college sports, and it's a huge achievement for a man who started in 1998 as a humble Texas Lutheran wide receivers coach.

In light of that, let's remember a time when Tom Herman was just a wee little graduate assistant for Texas.

Check this out:

These photos are from the 1998-1999 season victory parade when the Longhorns went 8-3 and defeated Mississippi State in the Cotton Bowl. Herman has come a long way from being Ricky William's chaperone. Now he's in charge of the whole damn thing.

Before being hired as Texas' head coach, Herman got his first head coaching job with Houston, and led the Cougars to a Peach Bowl victory in 2015, beating Florida State 38-24.