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UT Benefactor Red McCombs: Hard To Find A Reason To Get Rid Of Mack Brown, But Texas Can Afford Saban


The rumors surrounding Mack Brown and his job status at Texas continue to swirl, and as of right now, Brown still remains the head man of the Longhorns. Many believe that if Mack Brown were to be forced out of the job (he clearly has no intentions of stepping down on his own), Nick Saban would be his likely successor.

Today, big-time Texas benefactor Red McCombs weighed in on the coaching situation, and he was pretty non-committal in his opinion -- he appears to very much respect Mack Brown and the job he is doing, but Saban is clearly an enticing option as well:

Just a few days ago, McCombs seemed to believe that Brown would be returning next season -- it's interesting to see that he may be slightly shifting his stance on that, although he does seem to prefer that Mack remains the head coach. It's easy to forget in all of this that Mack Brown has been a very successful coach at Texas, and even in 2013 his team was not terrible, although the results have not lived up to the school's expectations.