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Video: Texas Star Malik Jefferson Says It's Time For The Longhorns To Move On From Vince Young

Vince Young is maybe the greatest player in the history of the Texas football program. The 2005 Heisman Trophy runner-up led the Longhorns to the national title - the team's last - in his final season in Austin. 

He's also the most-adored player in the history of the program, according to Texas star freshman linebacker Malik Jefferson. 

Jefferson would like that to change. In a very respectful way, the former five-star recruit told The Longhorn Network it's time for Texas to move on from Young. 

Here's what he said:

"No offense to him, but we gotta get his name out of here. That man still hangs everywhere. It's the truth. And that has nothing against him, he still is the man around here. It's facts. And that's so much respect coming out of my mouth. But when anyone around here hears Vince Young's name, they're running to him. It's mad, deep respect, from the bottom of my heart, that we just have to get his name out of here, because we have not made a change yet. And somebody has to put their foot down one day and make the change."

Jefferson is basically just saying that it's time for another player - maybe himself - to step up and lead the program back to greatness. 

No Texas fan is going to have a problem with that.