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What Big 12 Coaches Are Saying Anonymously About Texas

Here’s what the conference’s coaches are saying anonymously about Texas.

What do Big 12 coaches really think about Texas' football program heading into the 2017 season?

Athlon Sports has the answers.

The sports site spoke to various coaches across the conference, who gave anonymous opinions about the Longhorns.

Here are some of the best ones:

“It will be totally different offensively and defensively."

"On defense, there’s no doubt in my mind they had more good players than they showed, but you’ve got to get them in the right system."

"Based on what they did at Houston, I think the coordinator (Todd Orlando) that (Tom) Herman brought with him is going to be a little more like they were at Texas back five, six years ago when they were doing more schematic stuff to try to create issues for people. Personally, I don’t know if you need that at Texas. My concern would be with all the stuff he does schematically, they might get themselves in the wrong gaps, run themselves out of position. That was the issue when Texas was trying to do the fancy stuff and then finally you see the coaches go, ‘Oh, we just need to play base defense,’ and it’s happened with the last two head coaches. Mack (Brown) did that and then Charlie (Strong) did it with his guys there too, and at the end he just tried to take over and play base stuff, but the culture wasn’t good by that point. To me, I don’t know if that’s the perfect fit for what they need defensively, but his schemes are pretty good, and they’ve got guys like (Malik) Jefferson and some guys up front like (Poona) Ford and the big end (Charles Omenihu) who you look and go, ‘Gosh, they should be better,’ so maybe they’ll figure it out. You just have to be careful at Texas and let them play the game.”

About what you’d expect. Expectations will be high in Tom Herman's first year as head coach, and other Big 12 coaches are certainly expecting a very different team.

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