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What Kevin Durant Told Russell Westbrook After Deciding to Leave Oklahoma City

The NBA world was shocked when Kevin Durant announced that he was signing with the Golden State Warriors on Monday, and his former teammate Russell Westbrook was no exception.

For the last eight seasons, the two stars have played together, producing four conference finals appearances and one trip to the NBA Finals.

The media has had fun speculating as to what exactly motivated Durant to leave Oklahoma City, like Westbrook's disapproval of his friendship with Warriors Draymond Greenand their rumored fall-out as a result. 

During the press conference welcoming him to the Golden State Warriors, Durant was asked to comment upon how he broke to his news to his teammates, notably Westbrook. 

Durant said, considering his closeness with Westbrook both on the court and off, leaving Oklahoma City was "obviously...tough." He continued to say, "I'm sure he wasn't happy about the decision, but he respected it as my friend," emphasizing the relationship the two stars developed over their years playing together.

He explained to Westbrook that he "wanted a new chapter" in his life and felt like "it was time for it."

">July 7, 2016

">July 7, 2016

">July 7, 2016

Obviously, Durant's decision to sign with the Warriors ends an era of playing alongside his friend. But will Durant's new uniform break up the Durant-Westbrook bromance? He certainly doesn't think so.

">July 7, 2016

Westbrook hasn't expressed any obvious hostility about Durant's decision, even telling The Undefeated, "It’s like a brotherhood...Me and Kevin have become closer and closer every season.”

Apparently not all relationships in the NBA are based in competition. 

Will the two ever link up and play together again? We'll have to find out.