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Texas Tech Using Fake Accounts With "Cute Girls" To Keep Eye On Players On Social Media

Texas Tech's coaching staff is catfishing its own players - well, sort of.

Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, in an interview on A.J. Hawk's "The HawkCast" earlier this month, noted that his coaching staff creates fake social media profiles to keep an eye on its players. But they aren't just blank accounts - nope, they use photos of "cute girls" to make sure the players accept friend requests. Here's more, via SportsDay Dallas News:

"We have fake accounts with cute girls that they add right now, so we can see what's going on and who's tweeting what," Kingsbury said in the interview with Hawk. "Those are heavily monitored, for sure."

Kingsbury told Hawk if apps like Instagram, Facebook and Tinder were a thing during his college days he would have ran in some trouble and would have fed on negative comments.

It's an interesting tactic, for sure. Here's video of the entire interview, if you're interested.

Texas Tech takes on Stephen F. Austin to start the season on Saturday, September 3.