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Texas Tech Once Did A Profile "No. 1 Fan" Video On Jeff Orr, The Man Involved In The Marcus Smart Incident

While we still aren't sure as to exactly why Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart shoved Texas Tech superfan Jeff Orr last night, the Red Raiders supporter himself has admitted at this point that he crossed the line. After the game, Smart claimed that Orr had called him a racial slur - an accusation that nobody has been able to confirm. Either way, way it's an ugly incident that clearly didn't need to happen.

The irony here is that Orr's fandom is celebrated within the Texas Tech community. In fact, the school has gone as far as to create a "No. 1 fan" video on YouTube for him. It even wrote an article about him back in 2010.

As more and more comes out about the incident, it'll be interesting to see if the school takes action to distance itself from Orr. Thus far, the school's only statement regards Orr having "no previous issues" with opposing players.