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Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury Calls Out Nick Saban For Supporting Proposed 10-Second Rule

Despite Arkansas coach Bret Bielema seemingly doing everything he can to sabotage the NCAA's proposed rule changes regarding hurry-up offenses, the issue still remains as one of the most debated topics in college football. Numerous coaches have weighed in on the matter, including Texas Tech's Kliff Kingsbury. On ESPN's Outside The Lines podcast, he made it very clear as to why he thinks Alabama coach Nick Saban is in favor of change.

One of those losses came at the hands of Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M, back when Kingsbury himself was the Aggies' offensive coordinator. As you can probably guess, Kingsbury would prefer the rules to stay as they are. Unfortunately, while the topic of "player safety" is supposed to be the focus of the proposed changes, it's somehow turned into a political battle.