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Video: Texas Tech's DeAndre Washington Drops Ball In Celebration Before Scoring Potential Winning TD

Awful mistake.

Football players, believe it or not, make mistakes on the field. Drops, fumbles, and interceptions happen -- it's part of the game. But some mistakes are pretty inexcusable, and we just saw one of them.

In a tightly-contested game between the Horned Frogs and Red Raiders, TTU's DeAndre Washington scored what was potentially the game-winning touchdown off a 48-yard pass from Davis Webb. However, Washington began celebrating the score prematurely and actually dropped the ball before crossing the goal-line. Here's a video:

Texas Tech had an excessive celebration penalty after the "score" as well, so the Red Raiders had to try to score again from the 16-yard-line. Fortunately for them, they were able to put the ball in the endzone, and keep it there, for the 17-10 lead.

But why do we continue to see this happen? It occurred in last week's NFL opener, and the Honey Badger notoriously did it in the 2011 SEC Championship game -- players need to focus on doing things the right way instead of showboating.