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Videos: Texas Tech Lineman Scores 2-Point Conversion On Direct Snap Out Of Unbalanced Formation

Texas Tech in an unbalanced formation against Kansas.


Kliff Kingsbury is going deep into his bag of tricks against Kansas today. After a second quarter touchdown, his Red Raiders went for two, in maybe the most unconventional way imaginable. Texas Tech came out in an unbalanced formation, with the offensive line and a receiver split wide left, and the center alone in the middle. He direct snaps it to senior offensive lineman Le'Raven Clark, who is lined up as a running back behind the rest of the line. Kansas was pretty well prepared and almost made the stop, but Clark was able to rumble through the line and cross the plane. 

">October 17, 2015

You're going to need to watch that one a few times to fully comprehend it. It is wild.