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WVU Women's Soccer Impresses Once Again

Another great year.

When the West Virginia women's soccer team was a member of the Big East Conference, it was always able to step up in the big games.

In its last two seasons in the Big East, West Virginia won the Big East Championship in back-to-back fashion. The Mountaineers always found ways to win in the three games they needed to win for the Big East crown.

Now, with the Mountaineers in a different conference with the Big 12, it seemed improbable that WVU would be able to have the same type of results.

Guess again.

WVU was able to have that same type of magic this past season. It stunned the defending National Champions Stanford before going undefeated in conference play on its way to the first Big 12 Championship. Not a bad way to start things off in this inaugural season.

Head coach Nikki Izzo-Brown did another remarkable job leading this team as West Virginia was able to make its 13th straight NCAA Tournament appearance.

Take a look at some of the highlights here; it truly was a memorable ride.