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WVU's Daxter Miles Jr. Reportedly Hid In A Handicapped Bathroom To Avoid The Media Thursday Night

West Virginia hoops player Daxter Miles.

As we all witnessed Thursday night, the West Virginia Mountaineers were no match for the Kentucky Wildcats. The contest, which ended with a 78-39 victory for UK, was a nightmare for WVU freshman Daxter Miles Jr., who, in addition to scoring no points and dishing out no assists, had predicted a day before that his team would prevail.

After the game, Miles Jr., understandably was very upset about what had transpired. According to Matt Norlander of CBS Sports, he actually delayed speaking with the media by hiding out in a handicapped bathroom around the corner from the team's locker room. 

When West Virginia's locker room opened for the media after the game, Miles Jr. was not under his placard, not sitting by his locker. He wasn't on the other side of the building either, meeting with the media .

Miles Jr. was instead preparing himself for strangers' faces to cram into his personal space, to deal with something that clearly got bigger than he could have ever expected. Tucked around a corner, in the team's bathroom, Miles Jr. was waiting out the mob. When a media member approached one of his teammates for an interview in the small hallway leading to the bathroom, Miles Jr. then dipped into the handicap lavatory and closed the door behind him, his frizzy hair peeking above the tall stall.

Miles Jr. did eventually take questions from the media, but he had one standard response to them all - "Kentucky played great."

It's hard to blame Miles Jr. for having confidence in his team ahead of the game, but perhaps he should have chosen his words more carefully. Kentucky fans surely won't let him forget that.