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2012 UConn LB Jory Johnson On Pasqualoni's Firing: "Finally"

Apparently some players weren't fans.

Earlier this morning, it was announced by UConnthat it'd be firing head football coach Paul Pasqualoni (and offensive line coach George DeLeone) following the squad's first 0-4 start since the early 1990s. Huskies fans, many of whom have been calling for the move since the end of last season, have been cheering the decision. Apparently some of Pasqualoni's players are as well.

Jory Johnson started at linebacker for the Huskies every game in both 2011 and 2012. He made it clear how he felt about Coach P's firing this morning:

Apparently Johnson isn't the only one who feels this way. Check out what The Daily Campus' Tim Fontenault just tweeted out regarding the current players:

I'm sure we'll see more fallout as the day goes on. We'll keep you updated.