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Dick Vitale Absolutely Ripped A College Basketball Power Via Twitter

Dick Vitale talks on ESPN.

Dick Vitale is not impressed with UConn's handling of the Kevin Ollie situation. The legendary ESPN broadcaster took to Twitter to vent his disapproval of the Huskies' attempts to get out from under the coach's buyout.

Ollie was fired in March, after missing the NCAA Tournament for the second year in a row. The decision came just four years after he led his alma mater to an unexpected national championship.

The program has since replaced Ollie with former Rhode Island head coach Dan Hurley. The Ollie situation remains very unresolved though.

UConn used an NCAA inquiry into the program to attempt to fire Ollie for cause without paying him his $10 million buyout.

Dick Vitale completely disagrees with what UConn is doing in this Kevin Ollie situation.

He let the program know via Twitter this afternoon.

It appears that Ollie did commit some violations. In reality, almost every program does.

The ones that UConn has on him are pretty minor in scope. An illegal video call to NBA great Ray Allen, a program booster, is against NCAA rules, but is it really a fireable offense? It's the type of thing that programs self-report, with basically no action from the NCAA.

Throw in the fact that legendary head coach Jim Calhoun, Ollie's former boss and coach, often skirted NCAA rules, and it doesn't look great for UConn. The school wouldn't have disciplined him at all for the things Ollie is accused of.

As Vitale argues, this is a pretty transparent attempt to get out of a big buyout. It is understandable, but it won't play well elsewhere.