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First Take's Molly Qerim and Jalen Rose Are Officially Dating

It's official: Molly Qerim and Jalen Rose are a thing, and ESPN is (potentially) the new hot-spot for matchmaking.

Pictures of the newly-public couple getting cozy and cutesy dominated Rose's social media in the last two weeks. Rose even called Qerim by the ultimate pet-name, "Wifey."


— Jalen Rose (@JalenRose)

I'd hate me too.

— Jalen Rose (@JalenRose) June 30, 2016

">June 30, 2016

">@JoelOsteen w/ Wifey

I'd hate me too.

— Jalen Rose (@JalenRose) June 30, 2016


— Jalen Rose (@JalenRose)

Had a great time seeing @JoelOsteen w/ Wifey @MollyQerim.

— Jalen Rose (@JalenRose) July 9, 2016

">July 9, 2016

Either this is an ESPN fairy tale or the dog days of sportsless July finally made everyone desperate for new content, but either way, the stars' Twitter pages erupted with messages of support and congratulations from colleagues and the general public:

Tweets about Molley Qerim and Jalen Rose are dating.

So apparently the relationship is 100 percent legit. 

Rose, the co-host of the ESPN Radio program Jalen & Jacoby and also an analyst on ESPN’s NBA Countdown studio show, is sometimes a guest on First Take, which Qerim hosts.

Stay tuned for some interesting tension going forward, none of which will have anything to do with Stephen A. Smith. 

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