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If The "Leaked" New UConn Logo Is Real, Jonathan The Husky Has Lost His Personality

Just another member of the pack.

Update: A version of the logo with red trim has just been officially released by UConn. We're assuming the leak forced the school to release it early.

The school is also saying that the red trim will only be used when the logo says "UConn Athletics" underneath it, as in the photo above. Without the wordmark, it will not have the red-trim, as in the original leaked photo.

A few thoughts: 

1) Why on earth would the school decide it needed to make a new logo to unify things and help all sports conform to the same image, then create TWO different versions of the logo? Seems pretty silly.

2) The red trim seems to be unanimously disliked from what I've seen so far. Personally, I agree. I think the red trim - and really using red as anything more than an occasional accent color for UConn gear - isn't a good look. Our school colors are blue and white, stick to them.

Frankly, I'll always be partial to the 1990s Husky - that one was my favorite - but I still loved the apparently now-defunct one. I get that designs nowadays are moving toward simplicity and streamlined logos, but I always enjoyed UConn's uniqueness, and now that is officially gone.

Earlier: Have we seen the new UConn Husky logo? The guys over at The UConn Blog are reporting that it may have been leaked this morning.

They found the potential new look on an apparel site, and considering the new logo is set to be announced one week from today, they're guessing that this could be it.

If it is, frankly, I'll be underwhelmed. 

I've been admittedly skeptical and a bit angry about this entire rebranding thing to begin with, but this would give credence to the argument I've made all along. 

As it stands, UConn is one of few schools nicknamed the "Huskies" that have a unique look. If you type "husky logo" into an image search, you'll see what I mean.

Now, with this logo, we just become another member of the pack. Un-detailed, angular and jagged-edged design is the norm when it comes to the husky as a school logo, and this new one is no different. If this is indeed the new logo, Jonathan will have lost his personality.

To be totally honest, I'm a little glad it's not worse - I expected it to be Oregon State-bad - but it's still not good, in my opinion.

The school is set to officially release the new logo in a public event at Gampel Pavilion next Thursday at 1:30 p.m.