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Miami Women's Basketball Is Officially Recruiting A 9-Year Old Phenom

College programs recruiting young phenom players is nothing new. We've seen eighth grade quarterbacks who are advanced for their age receive letters from college coaches, or even give extremely premature verbal commitments. The recruiting of 9-year old prodigy Jaden Newman by Miami women's basketball seems to be taking things to the next level, however.

Newman, who starts and averages over 14 points and seven assists for her high school program while in the fourth grade, is being actively recruited by "The U", and it very much resembles the process that a school will go through to attract high school juniors and seniors. Newman has already received recruiting materials, the program's coaches have spoken to her parents, and the family even went on an unofficial visit. We repeat, Jaden is nine years old. USA Today has more on this strange recruiting story:

The Miami recruiting efforts have been led by assistant coach Derrick Gibbs, beginning with a phone call to the Newman family through Jaden Newman's Downey Christian School. Given that she is coached by her father, it wasn't too hard to get in touch with the youngster's family, and shortly thereafter she was sent the recruiting packet...

On June 10, Jaden Newman took an unofficial recruiting visit to Miami, where she toured the program's facilities and got to mug inside the Miami "U", among other experiences.

This recruitment resembles that of a traditional high school girls basketball superstar in even more ways, even when it comes to the obstacles that any program faces when trying to land a blue-chip prospect:

Jaden Newman has previously said that she dreams of playing for Connecticut, so Miami may eventually have an uphill battle to land her collegiate services. Then again, starting a good five years before traditional recruiting windows open can't hurt their chances.

Maybe UConn won't be the powerhouse it is now by 2022, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Here are some highlights of Jaden. Her dribbling ability is absolutely ridiculous:

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