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Photo: AAC Headliner UConn Fails To Include UCF In Graphic Of New Conference


UConn did not get off to a great start on the first day of the American Athletic Conference.

As of Monday, the old Big East is no more. Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame are now in the ACC, and the Catholic 7 have formed the new Big East with Butler, Creighton and Xavier. UConn, Cincinnati and South Florida joined forces with Temple, Memphis, UCF, SMU and Houston to create their new conference, with Louisville and Rutgers only in for one year before Tulane, Tulsa and ECU join in 2014 and Navy in 2015.

To "celebrate" the beginning of a new era, UConn created a new front page for its athletic website. This page showed large versions of the UConn and AAC logos and smaller versions of all the conference schools.

Well, not all of them.

While including Tulane, Tulsa, ECU and Navy, who are not officially members yet, UConn forgot one of its 2013-14 conference opponents in all sports, Central Florida.

UConn quickly removed the page from its site and apologized to the Knights.

Certainly, this is not the way UConn wanted to begin relations with its new conference partners.