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Photo: ESPN Puts UConn In Massachusetts On Extremely Inaccurate AAC Map

Who made this thing?

If you are making a map of something, you should try to put the key points in the correct places.

This logical map making rule was not applied by ESPN on Monday, when the Worldwide Leader in Sports created a map to layout the American Athletic Conference, which officially joined the college sports world today.

ESPN put this picture on its website:

The most obvious flaw in this map: UConn, otherwise known as the University of Connecticut, is not in Massachusetts. For a company that is based in Bristol, Conn., that should be common knowledge.

UConn's location is the most glaring mistake, but it is not the only one. Memphis, which is on the Tennessee-Mississippi line, is placed in the northwest corner of the state near the Kentucky line. Cincinnati, which is on the Ohio-Kentucky line, is placed in the middle of Ohio. Philadelphia is the southeastern-most city in Pennsylvania on the New Jersey border, but Temple was placed closer to the middle of the state.

The original picture was removed from all of the ESPN pages when the mistake was noticed. At about 5:15 p.m., ESPN posted a new, more accurate picture to its college basketball Facebook page.

Although it got the locations of the schools correct, there is still one glaring mistake that was not changed. See the giant "C" pointing to Connecticut? That is the old UConn football logo. There are a couple of issues with this: First of all, the old football logo is being used on a map that says "The Home Court of College Hoops." Second, it is known as the old football logo because all UConn sports are now united under a single logo, and it is not a giant block "C."

Almost there though, ESPN.

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