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UConn Football: Photo: UConn Created A Rivalry Trophy For Its Series With UCF

UConn and UCF have played each other only two times, but Husky head coach Bob Diaco apparently feels those two meetings are enough to warrant a rivalry trophy between the two schools. Diaco first expressed his desire to have the programs play for "The Civil Conflict" trophy in November, and it looks like his dream is becoming reality. 

">@UCF_Football !

— UConn Football (@UConnFootball)

First day back on campus for #UConnFootball! And just 130 days until the next Civil Conflict with @UCF_Football !

— UConn Football (@UConnFootball) June 1, 2015

">June 1, 2015

The first, and most obvious, question here is: why? No offense to Diaco or UCF, but these two teams have zero history with each other and seemingly no future either. Not to mention, "The Civil Conflict" doesn't exactly ring with tradition, or anything of substance for that matter. The whole thing just seems weird and forced.