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UConn Football Coach Has Amazing Response To Reports Of School Changing Conferences

Randy Edsall looks  on during a UConn football game.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - SEPTEMBER 16: Head coach Randy Edsall of the Connecticut Huskies watches a replay during a game against the Virginia Cavaliers at Scott Stadium on September 16, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images)

UConn football spent most of its FBS-level program history in the Big East conference. Now, the Huskies are reportedly set to join that league once again.

Of course, today's Big East is not the one that UConn was once part of. The conference will be home to all of UConn's programs, most notably its two highly-successful basketball teams, but not the Husky football.

When the ACC, Big Ten, and Big 12 poached from the original Big East at the start of the decade, the league essentially split in two. The basketball-only schools created a new league, retaining the Big East name and branding.

UConn, along with Cincinnati, USF, and other football programs, raided some smaller leagues and created the AAC.

Things have not gone well for UConn since that move, outside of one shocking run to a men's basketball national title. As a result, the school appears set to put basketball first and move on to the Big East to reunite with programs like Georgetown, Providence, and Villanova.

Football now hangs in the balance. In all likelihood, the AAC will not allow UConn to hang around as a football-only member. Joining a league like the MAC or Conference USA probably won't be a popular option, and FBS independence, the most likely solution, presents distinct challenges, especially with scheduling.

Randy Edsall, in his second stint as UConn head football coach, has responded to the reports on Twitter in a pretty funny manner.

He's making it clear that he is not aware of the situation, or is at least projecting as much.

His men's basketball counterpart Dan Hurley has declined comment as well. Hurley would likely be a big winner in this proposed realignment.

Officially, the school says it remains a member of the AAC, but the school's phrasing was hardly a strong rejection of the reports, first put out by Boston-based website Digital Sports Desk and later confirmed by the Hartford Courant and others.

UConn reportedly awaits its official invitation. We could learn more as early as this coming week.