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Rob Gronkowski Is Coming To UConn To Lecture Students - No, Really!

But what will he be doing afterwards?

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will be at the University of Connecticut on Feb. 28 for a lecture at Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts.

Yes, Rob Gronkowski is actually giving a lecture at UConn.

Since I have been at UConn, Michael J. Fox, Ray Allen and Bob Dylan have all lectured at Jorgensen, sharing their life experiences and aiming to motivate college students.

What will Gronkowski talk about?

This is going to be a lot of fun. I mean, it's Rob Gronkowski! The advertising poster says that he will be telling stories from his path to the NFL and about his career so far. The event will also feature a question and answer session with the crowd. It seems safe to say that his party life is going to be a topic of discussion, whether he brings it up or someone brings it up in the interview session.

UConn students have reacted in a way that SUBOG – the student organization that planned the event – probably did not expect. As a school populated by many Patriots, Giants and Jets fans, the reaction has been one of puzzlement.

The word that seems to come up a lot is "random." People do not understand exactly what Gronkowski will be talking about, or what they will get out of the lecture after paying $10 to get in the doors. It's true that Rhode Island hosted a similar eventlast year, so it'll be interesting to see how it compares to this year's show.

I think all we can do is wait and see what happens in regards to the lecture. Until then, we can certainly talk about what's on everybody's mind: Where will Gronk be partying after the lecture.

Wherever Gronk goes, there's a party. That just seems to be a lay of nature. So where is Gronk going to party on Feb. 28? It is a Thursday, so it shouldn't be hard for him to find something.

Here are a few ideas of where he may end up:

Ted's or Huskies - The two main bars at UConn always draw crowds, especially the closer it gets to the weekend. Gronk could stop by, but he'll probably be looking for an actual party.

Red House - Only about a 10-minute walk from Jorgensen, Red House is a popular spot for parties. The down side: it's probably going to be really cold and the house itself is quite small. The question is, would Gronk care about the cold? He'd probably be shirtless regardless.

Celeron or Hilltop Apartments - The spacious apartments are better suited for indoor parties when it's cold outside. However, they don't cater to as many people and it's not like every apartment has a party on weekends. Maybe someone will have a party solely for the reason of trying to get Gronk over and try to extend the invite at the lecture.

These are just a few ideas. As an underage model student, I have no idea where else he could end up when the parties get going. In the end, however, the party is really wherever Gronkowski is. After all, this is a man who says of himself, "Yo soy Fiesta!"