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The 10 College Fan Bases With The Least To Complain About

College sports fans are a passionate group. Whether they're proclaiming that their favorite team is the greatest in the euphoria of a big win or loudly broadcasting their displeasure with a certain player, coach, or call following a loss, they always have something to say.

Many let prolonged success alter their perspective of the sport. It can lead to a sense of entitlement, which can be dangerous.

We've listed out the 10 college fan bases that have the least to complain about - meaning that they've had more than their fair share of winning in recent history. The next time you hear supporters of any of the below teams whining, gently remind them that you can't win a national title every single season.

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10. Florida Football Fans

It's no secret that the Gators are in rebuild mode right now. But that's no excuse for Florida football fans to be bitter. In the last 10 years alone, the Gators have won two national championships and complied a 6-3 bowl game record. Fans of most college football programs would give just about anything for a decade with that much success. Many Florida fans were calling for Will Muschamp's job in 2013. In 2012, he led the Gators to an 11-win season with a berth in the Sugar Bowl. It's safe to say Gators fans are not good at coping with even one subpar season.

">September 7, 2013

Right, because the Gators haven't had a good offense or a capable quarterback in such a long time. How long ago was it that Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy and led the Gators to a national title? Next: No. 9 - UNC Basketball Fans >>>9. North Carolina Basketball FansSince Roy Williams arrived in Chapel Hill, the Tar Heels have won two national championships, been to three Final Fours, and six Elite Eights. Yet North Carolina fans still had the audacity to rave and complain when the Tar Heels missed the NCAA Tournament in 2009-10. The frustration is understandable, as North Carolina fans have lofty expectations for their program, but to actually get upset about one season when their team has been at an elite level for the last decade screams of a collective loss of perspective by the fans.In 2013, the Tar Heels received an 8-seed in the NCAA Tournament. In 2014, it was a 6-seed. Neither has been satisfactory, apparently.

">February 9, 2013

The struggle hasn't been that real. NC State fans would probably trade with you.

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8. Ohio State Football Fans

It's true - the Buckeyes haven't won a national championship since the 2002-03 season. But it's not like they haven't enjoyed ridiculous success in the time since.

Ohio State notched 10 BCS bowl game invitations (and six wins) over the course of the 16-year BCS era. They won the Big Ten in six consecutive seasons from 2005-2010. They even ripped off 24 consecutive victories between the 2012 and 2013 seasons, before falling to Michigan State in last year's Big Ten title game. It's apparently not enough.

The loss to Virginia Tech earlier this month was devastating to Buckeye nation.

">September 7, 2014

A lot of college football programs wish they were as 'bad' as the Buckeyes.Next: No. 7 - USC Football Fans >>>7. USC Football FansDuring the Pete Carroll era (2001-09) the Trojans were one of the most dynamic programs in college football history. In nine years, they went to nine postseason contests, finished 6-1 in BCS bowls, and won two AP national championships. They also had three Heisman Trophy winners - Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush.USC has enjoyed amazing success in recent years. Under Lane Kiffin, they underachieved, that's for sure. But let's not act like Trojans fans, even after the Boston College loss, have it rough. You can't be the best team in college football for multiple decades in a row.

">September 19, 2014

You'll probably find a way.

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6. Duke Basketball Fans

Fans of the Blue Devils are truly blessed to have one of the greatest coaches in sports history lead their squad for so long. Under Mike Krzyzewski, Duke has won four national titles and reached the NCAA Tournament every season since 1995-96. They're a lock to win at the very least 25 games every single year and always have a chance to win it all. But they've been bounced from the Big Dance in the first round in two of the last three years. That fact has some Blue Devils fans rather upset. 

You're embarrassed to be a Duke fan with all of this success over the last 25 years because of one loss to Mercer? Talk about needing some perspective...

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5. Kansas Basketball Fans

The Jayhawks have won 30 games in six of the last eight seasons. That's the sort of success that can spoil a fan base. They also won the national title in dramatic fashion in 2007-08. Kansas is riding a 10-year streak as the Big 12 regular season champion, so you'd think the fans would be quite satisfied. Many Jayhawks fans get frustrated that the team hasn't won more national titles in the time frame.

">February 7, 2013

When exactly did Kansas basketball stop being winners?Next: No. 4 - UK Basketball Fans >>>4. Kentucky Basketball FansThere is perhaps no team in all of college sports more perennially blessed with incoming talent than the Wildcats. In the John Calipari era, Kentucky has routinely landed a handful of the best incoming freshmen in the nation. In the last four years, the Wildcats have reached three Final Fours and two national title games - winning one. The Wildcats also won national titles in 1995-96 and 1997-98. And with Coach Cal around for the foreseeable future, there's no reason that they shouldn't be able to compete every year moving forward. But what happened last year when UK got off to a slow start?

In a word, no.Next: No. 3 - Auburn Football Fans >>>3. Auburn Football FansThe Tigers have only had two losing seasons since 2000, and are also 8-4 in bowl games in that time. In 2010, behind Cam Newton, they took home the BCS National Championship. Last year, after an absolutely amazing season, they got a chance to play for it all again, but came up just short to Florida State. Last year's campaign featured back-to-back last-minute miracles against Georgia and Alabama. Those two plays alone are enough reason for Auburn fans not to complain for years. Some college football fans haven't had two plays that exciting occur for favorite team in their lifetime. 

Way to keep things in perspective.Next: No. 2 - UConn Basketball Fans >>>2. Connecticut Basketball FansUconn has quietly become one of the most dominant teams in all of college sports over the past 20 years. They've won four national titles, been to five Final Fours and reached the Elite Eight nine times in that time span. The Huskies are consistently a contender. There truly is not much to complain about if you're UConn fan. Well, there shouldn't be, at least.

I don't know if UConn turned into a complete mockery, considering the Huskies won it all again two years later. The only thing fans truly have to gripe about is their conference affiliation - they believe they deserve to be in a Power-5 league. We'll let that slide.Next: No. 1 - ??? >>>1. Alabama Football FansAlabama is currently college sports' biggest villain - most people would agree with that. In the last five years, it has been crowned college football's national champion three times. Nick Saban has the Tide in position to be a contender every single year and fans of the team have experienced a dynasty level of success that is rarely seen in the sport.There is no reason why fans should ever voice displeasure with Saban; he's brought the program to new heights. But that doesn't seem to resonate with all Crimson Tide supporters.

">January 3, 2014

Has Alabama packed so much success into the last few seasons that they've actually forgotten what it was like before Saban arrived? You know, when they won one national title in 28 years? Yeah, firing him makes a lot of sense...

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