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The 8 Ugliest Helmets In College Football

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There are a lot of helmets in college football. Classic ones. Shiny ones. Ones with numbers. Ones with stickers. 

Most of these helmets are good-looking. 

We ranked the 10 best helmets in college football earlier this month. You can see our rankings here

Not every helmet is good looking, though. Unfortunately, there are some ugly helmets. Those ugly helmets are the ones we're focusing on today. 

We've ranked the eight ugliest helmets in college football. 

Obviously, our rankings are completely objective and, if you're a fan of a team with a helmet on this list, you're probably not going to like it. Sorry. 

Here are the eight ugliest helmets in college football. 

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8. Penn State's White Helmet

The Nittany Lions' uniform is one of the most traditional in college football and if PSU fans have their way, it will never change. 

The helmet is bad, though. 

It's a plain white helmet with a navy blue stripe. There are ways to have a really good-looking traditional helmet (Notre Dame's gold helmet comes to mind) but PSU's helmet isn't it. It looks more like a practice uniform helmet than one that's worn by one of college football's biggest programs. 

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7. UConn's Home Helmet

The Huskies updated their look a couple of seasons ago and their new helmet is definitely better than the old one. Unfortunately, the old one was maybe the worst in the country and the new one is only slightly better. 

It kind of looks like a helmet you'd create when making your own team in EA Sports' NCAA Football. It's just too generic. 

They can do much better. 


— UConn Football (@UConnFootball)

Well deserved for Andrew Adams and Julian Campenni for making Second Team

— UConn Football (@UConnFootball) December 2, 2015

">December 2, 2015

">November 29, 2015

Next: No. 6 ??? >>>6. Kansas' Shiny RedThis is just too in-your-face .We appreciate the Jayhawks' creativity and willingness to experiment with different looks, but the chrome red helmet with the massive logo isn't working. 

">August 13, 2014

Next: No. 5 ??? >>>5. Arizona State's "Desert Fuel"

The Sun Devils have cool colors and a lot of different uniforms. Most of them work pretty well. 

ASU's "Desert Fuel" helmet, though, does not. 

The stripe is off-putting and the logo is just too large. 

">August 18, 2014

Next: No. 4 ??? >>>4. South Carolina's Home HelmetThe Gamecocks' uniforms should be much better than they are. The home helmet, especially. It's really blocky and there's too much going on. A simpler look would work much, much better. 

">December 18, 2015

">@DBE_rell — Gamecock Football (@GamecockFB)

Jerell Adams is headed to the Senior Bowl:

— Gamecock Football (@GamecockFB) December 21, 2015

">December 21, 2015

Next: No. 3 ??? >>>3. Indiana's Chrome Candy Stripe

In theory, this helmet should be pretty sweet. Chrome works, usually, and the "Candy Stripe" style is cool. 

On the field, though, the helmet just doesn't look good. 

It's too shiny and doesn't fit well with the Hoosiers' uniforms. 

">December 26, 2015

Next: No. 2 ??? >>>2. Louisville's "Uncaged" The Cardinals' wore this helmet for the first time against Auburn in the 2015 season opener. It got mocked pretty badly on social media. Unfortunately, Louisville fans, it deserved to be. It's just a bad, bad helmet. It features an "L" on one side and a massive, angry bird on the other. 

">@UofLFootball's new #UNCAGED uniform.

— adidas Football US (@adidasFballUS)

#UNCAGED Speed.@UofLFootball's new #UNCAGED uniform.

— adidas Football US (@adidasFballUS) June 25, 2015

">June 25, 2015

Next: No. 1 ??? >>>1. Georgia Tech's "Honeycomb" Here it is, ladies and gentlemen: the ugliest helmet in college football. The honor belongs to the Yellow Jackets' "Honeycomb" helmet. Look at how ugly this thing is. 

">October 20, 2015

">September 4, 2012

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