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The American Athletic Conference Was Actually Selling ACC And Big Ten Gear For Louisville And Rutgers


It's been a really rough first few days for the American Athletic Conference.

UConn forgot that Central Florida was now in the same conference as it was. ESPN demonstrated a lack of basic geographic knowledge and even a lack of care for the AAC - sorry, the American. And to cap it all off, the fans of the conference's top permanent school, UConn, cannot help but take advantage of any opportunity they have to let the conference higher-ups know their feelings.

Add to that list the latest finding by Yahoo's Christopher Wilson, otherwise known as Dr. Saturday, which revealed that the American's official website was selling Rutgers and Louisville gear with the Big Ten and ACC logos, respectively.

Both schools are gone July 1st, 2014, and the American seems to have no problem with helping them out with some advertising. It seems like Rutgers and Louisville can walk all over the conference, as the Scarlet Knights are not even going to display the American's logo on their fields, a requirement for all member schools.

Shortly after the flaw was discovered, the American pulled all ACC and Big Ten apparel from its site.

What's next?