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These 9 YouTube Videos Should Help To Ease The Pain Of Conference Realignment For UConn Fans

Cardiac Kemba.

UConn is in the American Athletic Conference now.

It is not a statement that UConn fans like to hear, but it is a reality, and whether one likes it or not, every UConn supporter needs to get used to it.

There are numerous ways to dull the pain of no longer being in the Big East and currently headlining a conference that has so little respect that ESPN will not even let it keep its old blog.

The best way is only legal if you are 21 years old, and it is not one that will be endorsed here. Instead, there are plenty of videos on YouTube to remind UConn fans that they are fans of a strong athletic program that has a lot to be proud of.

From basketball and football to hockey and soccer, UConn is among the most successful athletic programs in recent memory. Many of the triumphs are documented online for fans to watch over and over, especially when the going gets tough.

So step away from the cliff and take a walk down memory lane with some of the best examples of UConn athletic success that can be found online.

The flash mob against Syracuse!

How crazy was this nonsense! If you were in Gampel for that game, there was not a chance of leaving without ringing ear drums, laryngitis and a massive headache.



"Folks, you gotta believe that when just when people say, "You can't," you can, and UConn has won the national championship in its first attempt at a title."


UConn Women's Basketball: Expectations To Excellence

Before every UConn women's basketball home game during the 2012-13 season, a video played on the jumbotron called "Expectations," in which Geno Auriemma says that nothing less than a national championship is ever acceptable for a team that already has "like 90" conference championships. Despite the expectations that were put on the Huskies in UConn Country, it seemed that the rest of the nation was convinced that they were a distant third behind Baylor and Notre Dame in the battle for supremacy.

"Expectations to Excellence" highlights the Huskies' dominance at the Final Four in New Orleans this past April, where UConn put the demons to rest in a blowout win over Notre Dame, which had bested the Huskies three times before during the season, before making a mockery out of Louisville in the national championship game.


A Tribute to the 2012-13 UConn Huskies

No tournaments to play in. Five players transferred or defected for the NBA. Their Hall of Fame coach retired, leaving his protege, a first-year coach and former UConn captain to perform under the pressure of a seven-month contract.

So, there was nothing to play for, right? Ha! Try telling that to the UConn men's basketball team. As a matter of fact, try telling that to anyone that was on the UConn campus during the season. Whether it was on the court or at the beer pong table, you stepped up with ten toes in, not five. 


UConn beats Notre Dame in football

UConn beat Notre Dame. In football. In South Bend.



UConn soccer beats New Mexico in overtime

Down in the second half, tied it, won in overtime.

It was the most un-UConn soccer thing ever, and it was awesome!


One Shining Moment 2011

Because this will always be the favorite edition of One Shining Moment among UConn fans.

George Springer does his best Willie Mays against South Carolina

George Springer, UConn's Willie Mays. They may have gotten swept by South Carolina, but what a catch!


Cardiac Kemba!

If you go to UConn and cannot recite the last 10 seconds of the ESPN call for this game, you don't deserve to call yourself a Husky.