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UConn Country Has Mixed Reactions To Unveiling Of New Logo

The red trim is getting some heat.

UConn – not the University of Connecticut since the school rebranded last week – unveiled the new logo for the school's 24 Division I athletic teams on Thursday afternoon.

The new logo features a meaner-looking husky, which looks more like the logos at Northeastern, Washington and Northern Illinois rather than the unique, innocent husky that has been in use for almost 30 years.

The new logo is part of a complete makeover of the athletic department in collaboration with Nike. For years, the school's biggest sports programs – men's basketball, women's basketball, men's soccer, football and baseball – have had their own logos besides Jonathan the Husky.

There is still more to unveil, as Nike will also be rolling out new jerseys for every team. All are expected to feature the new logo with "UCONN" across the front. However, baseball is expected to keep its signature "C" on its hats.

The unveiling confirms that the images that The UConn Blog got their hands on on Thursday morning are indeed the new logo and some of the new apparel that will be available to fans. An announcement has been expected for a while, but rumors had a decision coming around April 18.

Fans knew a new logo was coming, but that does not make the decision popular. In fact, the reaction out of UConn Country has been mixed, but a lot of fans are against the new logo.

UConn Athletics posted the logo on the UConn Huskies' official Facebook page, and the reaction in the comments section has been quite negative.

My personal feelings on the logo are a little mixed. I grew up a UConn fan, and I will always love the logo from the 1990s over every other logo in history ( is inaccurate, as the old logo was used even when UConn won the men's basketball national championship in 1999). But it could have been a lot worse. I do not mind it, but I could do without the red trim. However, UConn put concerns about the red trim to rest, as it will not likely appear on the uniforms.

Here is some of the reaction from Twitter.