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UConn Fans Display Fantastic Trolling Abilities, Hammer AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco


UConn fans have been through a lot lately, and the transition into the American Athletic Conference has left them bitter and depressed.

So, when the AAC gave them an opportunity to troll their new conference, they jumped on it.

At 6:11 p.m. on Monday, the AAC handed UConn fans this gift on Twitter:

What followed was one of the greatest Twitter trollings in history.

UConn fans took to the Internet and began bombarding Aresco with ridiculous, but completely relevant questions. And of course, a couple other fans got their fair share of jabs in, too.

Here is a compilation of the best tweets that used #AskAresco on Monday night. These are 12 of the top tweets from the night, but there are far more to be found here. In reality, you need look no farther than the timeline of @NoEscalators, who earned a spot in the Twitter Hall of Fame with his tweeting on Monday night.