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UConn Introduces New Wordmark, Will Unveil New Husky Logo April 18th

Do we like it?

The University of Connecticut is in the process of rebranding itself, President Susan Herbst announced today at her State of the University address. The school will be focusing its efforts on the word "UConn" as opposed to the long form "University of Connecticut".

UConn introduced a new wordmark on Twitter just a few hours ago:

Herbst also commented on the notion that "UConn" is a unique identifier for the school.

“As an institution, for years we have made use of ‘UConn’ as an institutional nickname of sorts,” Herbst said. “Recognizing that there is great value and recognition in this unique identifier, going forward, we are adopting ‘UConn’ as one primary visual wordmark for the entire institution.”

The school also announced that a new logo will be unveiled on April 18th, replacing the Jonathan the Husky graphic seen to the right.

Personally, I think this is a great move. The school has long been referred to as UConn, and I can't think of a reason that it shouldn't embrace the nickname.

Here's to hoping UConn's new logo turns out better (or at least more original) than Ohio State's did.