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Video: UCF Returner Takes Ball Out Of End Zone, Tries To Take A Knee, Gives UConn A Safety

UCF player tries to take a knee during kick return against UConn.


The "conFLiCT," college football's most intense months-old, Bob Diaco-created rivalry, promises to produce some of the most exciting highlights you'll see this week. Or, at the very least, some of the weirdest. After a UConn touchdown, the Huskies kicked off to UCF return man Hayden Jones, who looks to run with it, but eventually rethinks things and kneels the ball. The only problem: he was already a step out of the end zone.

">October 10, 2015

The boneheaded play gave UConn a safety, extending its lead to 9-3, and giving the Huskies the ball again. These are the kinds of plays that cause teams to start the year 0-5.