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Video: UConn's Enosch Wolf and DeAndre Daniels Connect On Soccer Alley-Oop


UConn men's basketball center Enosch Wolf was able to get several of his teammates to take part in Hoops of Hope, a shoot-a-thon to support children in Africa orphaned by AIDS.

When they weren't rebounding or helping to organize participants, Wolf and sophomore forward DeAndre Daniels decided to have some fun and work on their highlight reel dunks.

A native of Germany, Wolf is an avid soccer fan and player. As a big fan of Bayern Munich, who defeated Barcelona 4-0 on Tuesday in the UEFA Champions League, he decided to bring a soccer perspective to the court.

Wolf dribbled the ball with his foot to the hoop, where he kicked it up with his back heel to Daniels, who threw it down with one hand on the alley-oop.

Wolf and Daniels won't want to admit it, but it took them more than 35 attempts to finally perfect it. 

Check it out: