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Vine: Kevin Ollie Slaps Terrence Samuel As Allie LaForce Attempts Post-Game Interview

After a ridiculous 27-point, 10-rebound performance in UConn's Sweet 16 upset of Iowa State, it was no surprise that DeAndre Daniels would have the honor of doing the post-game interview with Allie LaForce on national television right after the game. What was surprising was what happened right behind LaForce as she began to talk to Daniels.

So...we have no idea why Kevin Ollie slapped guard Terrence Samuel, though it is pretty clear that it was in a joking, playful manner. Unfortunately for Ollie, he will likely have to answer questions about this on what should be a very happy night for the UConn program. Hopefully people don't blow this out of proportion.

[Kyle Baillargeon]