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Warriors Reportedly Interested In Signing Ray Allen

With the Kevin Durant signing now official, the Golden State Warriors are putting their full attention on acquiring other hot players to fit their salary cap. According to Basketball Insiders' Alex Kennedy, the franchise has set its sights on Ray Allen. 

">July 5, 2016

Allen, who turned 40 this past year, claimed that he was not ready to "officially retire" from the NBA , although he was not interested in playing another season. At this point, he has yet to announce whether or not he will actually retire before next season begins, and until then, the Miami Heat continues to welcome him back to the squad. Ethan J. Skolnick of the Miami Heraldreported that "the Heat has not only had a standing offer to Allen to return to the team ever since the 2014 offseason, but it made additional overtures as recently as this summer." 

Rumors of Golden State's interest in Allen draws more attention to the team's latest action in NBA free agency, specifically their signing of Kevin Durant. By adding Allen to their roster, the Warriors would be acquiring yet another knockout player in the offseason. If Allen does choose to launch a comeback, he will have teams other than the Warriors vying for his loyalty. "A quarter to half" of all of the teams in the league already got in touch with him about his future in 2014. Despite his age, Allen remains in excellent shape on the court, so a return to the NBA is entirely possible. 

While Allen has yet to decide which path he will take next season, he told the Hartford Courant that he is keeping his doors open for a possible comeback: he will play again if the right contract and perfect situation arrives. With teams no doubt desperate to prevent Golden State from becoming next season's super team, now might be the time to begin drawing up the papers.