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With The Emergence Of An All-White Version, The UConn Logo Debate Rages On


Yesterday, we found out what the new UConn logo looks like, and reactions to it were mixed and extreme. The university's Facebook page exploded with comments - mostly negative - about the new logo, and the online commentary has continued into today.

One of the most interesting parts of the debate has had nothing to do with loving or hating the new look, but rather a more historical point that the school seems to have gotten wrong in reshaping the logo.

For years, UConn has been identified with an all-white Siberian Husky. The school's real-life mascot, Jonathan, is white, and past logos have always reflected that.

The new logo, however, has departed from the historically all-white breed of the dog, and that has invoked some questions as to why, and whether or not an all-white version of the newly released logo would be an improvement. In response, a touched-up version of UConn's new look has been floating around the Internet (I am unsure who originally made this image, as I've seen it in a variety of different places).

Frankly, when the new logo appeared, I was pretty outspoken against it (I'm not the biggest fan of change) but I've since softened my stance a little. I still do not particularly enjoy the new logo - I still firmly believe it makes UConn blend into the crowd of other schools using the husky as a mascot and loses our uniqueness - but it's not nearly as bad as I first believed. In fact, the blue eyes of the dog are kind of a cool touch.

I do, however, still cringe at the hideous red trim around the edges, but luckily we won't have to see it in that form too often (I hope), and it does look fairly decent without the trim.

However, I do completely agree with whoever made the all-white mock-up in thinking that it is a vastly improved version of the new symbol and captures the essence and history of the school more accurately.

The school's marketing and trademark department, however, does not seem to agree:

@markrubano I am not a fan of it, but appreciate everyone's opinion and passion on the issue.

— Kyle Muncy (@UConnTrademark) April 12, 2013

@m_stypulkoski In the end, we feel the all-white tradition relates much more to the live dog mascot & not logo. We love the final result.

— Kyle Muncy (@UConnTrademark) April 12, 2013

Regardless, I'm sure this is far from the end of the logo discussion. Whenever there is change, there is blow-back, and this instance has proven no different. Not that it will go anywhere, but I'm sure support and criticism of the new design will continue on for weeks, if not longer. 

For those fans of the past logo, like myself, this unfortunately is the end of the line. We can try our best to change it - and I'm sure many people will - but the new, debatably improved logo is likely here to stay.