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DePaul's "Fear The D" T-Shirt Gaining Popularity


Perhaps the administrations of some of these universities could use some young blood - or at least an advisory staff with some college students who follow current trends enough to know when a university-issued T-Shirt might contain a rather inappropriate innuendo.

Back on February 2nd, DePaul handed out free T-Shirts to fans in honor of National Blue Demon Day. Fair enough. But the phrase of choice on the shirt? "Fear the D". That's right. DePaul wants you to fear the D. If you're having trouble figuring out where the controversy lies here, I'm honestly not sure how you found this site in the first place.

According to The DePaulia writer Nathan Weisman, a picture of the shirt blew up on Reddit soon after. An entrepreneurial student on campus also has begun selling "Fear the D" shirts on campus. He's trying to "Get Rich Off The D". 

Perhaps "the Catholic 7" will now become "the Catholic 6."