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Dan Dakich Is Looking For An Apology From A Georgetown Blog That Blasted Him About Josh Smith

Twitter fight!

Back in October, many media members questioned the immediate eligibility granted to Georgetown center Josh Smith, when so many players get stuck in NCAA red tape after transferring schools. SB Nation's Georgetown blog Casual Hoya recorded many of the tweets on the subject, and by far the strongest opinion came from ESPN analyst Dan Dakich:

CasualHoya went on to blast Dakich, bringing up an ugly incident on the Indiana grad's radio show where he threatened to end a young IU alumnus' broadcasting career because of something said on Twitter:

So, instead of the other guys who took swipes at the NCAA for the decision, Dakich decided to take to twitter and go after Smith himself, a kid who just wants to play basketball and had nothing to do with the NCAA's decision. What a gutless move befitting of a guy who threatened a Hoosier grad's career simply for calling into his radio show and disagreeing with him. And he calls Josh Smith "disrespectful"? Your move, ESPN.

Fast forward to today, and Josh Smith has missed five straight games with an academic issue, and Georgetown is 1-4 without the talented center. In response to an article on Rush the Courtabout Georgetown's recent struggles without Smith, Dakich has declared victory on the matter, and is now asking CasualHoya for an apology:

I'm sure Hoya fans are far more concerned about getting out of this recent bad stretch of games and onto the right side of the NCAA bubble than whatever feuds from October that Dan Dakich is trying to rehash. The two sides are currently getting into it on Twitter: