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ESPN Graphic Shows Digger Phelps Picking An NCAA Championship Game That's Impossible

What's up with these analysts?

Yesterday, we learned that CBS analyst Seth Davis (at one time) had chosen two different national champions for two different publications. Today, Digger Phelps (or another intern) decided to one-up Davis' ineptitude. 

An ESPN graphic showed that Phelps' had chosen Miami over Georgetown in the NCAA title game - which would be fine, except for the fact that they're on the same side of the bracket. They could meet in the Final Four, but unless there is some type of re-seeding we haven't been made aware of, that's about it. To be fair, Phelps actually chose Ohio State over Michigan State on the other side of the bracket.

Of course, both errors were probably made by interns, right? Either way, it further proves that when it comes to March Madness brackets, nobody has any idea what they're doing.