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Gerry McNamara Says Fab Melo Will Need To Adjust To High-IQ Celtics

Syracuse coaches are known for speaking their minds.

Jim Boeheim has long been criticized for speaking his mind and letting things slip that maybe he shouldn't. Could Gerry McNamara be following in his head coach's footsteps?

In a candid interview today with Sports Radio WEEI, assistant coach McNamara praised Fab Melo for his development over the past few years, and even went as far as to say that Fab has the potential to be "scary" good in the NBA.

While McNamara was consistently optimistic throughout the call, he did seem to imply that there is going to be a learning curve for Melo.

"The intelligence level of the Boston team is such a high IQ team. It might take Fab a minute to really adjust to that, but if you’re going to be around that, you want to be around the best and he certainly is."

Clearly Gerry wasn't taking a shot at Melo, but this isn't the first time Fab's perceived intelligence has been referenced.