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Jim Boeheim Says Dion Waiters Is NBA-Ready

His interview with Jon Rothstein of CBS New York is quite candid.

As we all know, Jim Boeheim has never been shy behind a microphone. In an interview with Jon Rothstein of CBS New York on Tuesday, Boeheim said of Dion Waiters, Syracuse's super-sophomore now projected to be a lottery pick, "He's more ready for the NBA than any other guard I've ever had". He also went on to imply/claim that Russell Westbrook was the only player quick enough to guard Waiters in the NBA. That's a pretty serious statement, considering Waiters hasn't even stepped onto the court for his first game and Westbrook is currently playing in the NBA Finals.

Waiters left the NBA combine early this past week, and rumors have been swirling that he has a guarantee from a lottery team.