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Notre Dame Just Made $2 Million Off 80,000 Very Disappointed Fans

The school won big on a bunch of lottery losers.

Notre Dame recently held a ticket lottery for fans who want to see the Irish play in the BCS National Championship Game. The game will be held in Miami, Florida on January 7 against Alabama.

More than 100,000 people paid between $20 and $25 to enter the lottery, and only 17,000 tickets were awarded. Students paid $20 per entry; 2,500 tickets were reserved for them. Non-students (alumni, faculty, season-ticket holders, parents, donors, etc) either paid $20 for one lottery ticket or $25 for two.

The winners were revealed on Friday. Notre Dame ended up raking in about $2.5 million ($25 X 100,000 entrees), which means it generated about $2 million from about 80,000 fans who ended up with nothing.