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Ed Cooley Split His Pants Open Coaching During Saturday's Big East Title Game

Ed Colley sports a towel after ripping his pants.

FOX Sports 1

Providence head coach Ed Cooley had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on Saturday night.

Providence nearly won another stunner on Saturday night, pushing Villanova to the brink in a tight overtime loss. Tight is also a word that can be used to describe how Friars head coach Ed Cooley must have been feeling in his suit pants early in the contest.

Cooley, at one point during the game, accidentally ripped his pants while sitting down on the bench. As a result, he had to wear towels on his backside to cover up the wardrobe malfunction.

So how did Cooley realize he'd ripped his pants?

"When I sat down I felt the great breeze in the crack."

Providence didn't win the Big East Tournament, but the Friars likely did enough damage during it to secure a bid in the NCAA Tournament. They beat top-seeded Xavier on Friday night to notch one of the best wins a bubble team could ask for.

We'll know for sure in about eight hours.