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Three Of Pitt's Best Players Facing Assault Charges

Once again, Pitt finds a way to fall apart.

If you thought Pitt football was finally coming together, this headline might crush those hopeful dreams. Ray Graham, Devin Street, and Lafayette Pitts have all been charged with simple assault, according to Sports Illustrated.

Three students have identified Graham, Street, and Pitts as the three players who assaulted them on Pitt's Oakland campus last month. The three students claim that the football players confronted them using racial slurs and that Street struck one of the students on the head. The group of friends didn't want the players to be arrested, but they still informed police of the incident.

So far, no one knows if the charges will affect this weeks huge game against Notre Dame, but if the players are suspended for this game, it will come as very bad news for the Panthers. Each player plays a critical role on the team and is the top performer in significant categories -- Graham is the top rusher, Street is the number one receiver, and Pitts is the leading kick-returner.

Ironically, these charges have come right after head coach Paul Chryst restored players' names to the backs of their jerseys, saying that the team has stopped playing selfishly and is actually performing like a cohesive group. It's unclear what Chryst thinks about these latest allegations, but if they prove to be true, these three players have acted exceptionally selfishly and may cost the team a recovered season.


Pitt's athletic department just released a statement concerning the assault allegations. It looks like the three charged players should be available for this week's Notre Dame game.