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Who's Still Undefeated In College Football After Week 7?

Hunt for the national championship.

What's the ultimate goal for every college football team to start the year? To go undefeated and bring home that national championship trophy.

Of course, those dreams get wiped away pretty quickly for most teams. However, you may be surprised to see how many teams are still clinging to that initial hope of a flawless season. Here they are (going alphabetically through the conferences):

1. Kansas State (6-0)
Remaining Tests: at #17 WVU, #18 Texas Tech, at TCU

2. Ohio University (7-0)
Remaining Tests: at Kent State

3. Rutgers (6-0)
Remaining Tests: at #21 Cincinnati, #16 Louisville

4. Cincinnati (5-0)
Remaining Tests: at #16 Louisville, #19 Rutgers

5. Louisville (6-0)
Remaining Tests: #21 Cincinnati, at #19 Rutgers

6. Ohio State (6-0)
Remaining Tests: at Wisconsin, #23 Michigan

7. Notre Dame (6-0)
Remaining Tests: at #10 Oklahoma, at #11 USC

8. Oregon (6-0)
Remaining Tests: at #11 USC, #22 Stanford, at #8 Oregon State

9. Oregon State (5-0)
Remaining Tests: at #22 Stanford, #2 Oregon

10. Florida (6-0)
Remaining Tests: #9 South Carolina, #13 Georgia, at #12 Florida State

11. Alabama (6-0)
Remaining Tests: #15 Mississippi State, at #6 LSU

12. Mississippi State (5-0)
Remaining Tests: at #1 Alabama, at #6 LSU

When we checked in last week, sixteen teams remained undefeated. Four more teams succumbed to their first loss in Week 7, leaving us with twelve still standing. But will any teams remain undefeated seven weeks from now? Stay tuned.