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ESPN Host Has A Blunt Message For The Big Ten Conference

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Last weekend, the Big Ten officially kicked off its season. Fast forward to this week, and one of the conference's best games on the schedule for this Saturday was canceled due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

Wisconsin won't be taking on Nebraska this weekend because 12 members of its team have tested positive for the virus. Since the season began in late October, the conference will not reschedule this game.

At first, the Big Ten wasn't going to play football until the spring. However, the conference changed its decision once rapid-result antigen tests were made available.

The Big Ten tried to be as cautious as possible when it came to playing in a pandemic. That being said, there are plenty of people frustrated with how this season has been handled, which includes ESPN host Matt Barrie.

"Bad leadership," Barrie wrote on Twitter. "Bad decision on August 11th. Bad ideas when play was decided to resume. This is the result."

Barrie wasn't the only ESPN personality to put the conference on blast today. During this Wednesday's edition of First Take, Paul Finebaum made some harsh remarks about the conference. "This is what the Big Ten wanted,” Finebaum said. “The Big Ten, remember, on August 11 said, ‘we’re done. We’re not playing football this year.’ And then they were forced back into it because they looked around and they saw Notre Dame playing and they saw everyone else playing, they saw it being successful. The presidents of the Big Ten decided, ‘okay, if you coaches want to come back – and we heard from Ryan Day and Scott Frost – we’re going to put some serious teeth into the protocol.’ You have an immunologist and an epidemiologist who are presidents in the Big Ten. And they put, what I think is, a ridiculous 21-day protocol.”

Bad leadership. Bad decision on August 11th. Bad ideas when play was decided to resume. This is the result.

— Matt Barrie (@MattBarrie) October 28, 2020

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