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Michigan State Fan Creates Awesome "Doubt Us" Hype Video Ahead Of Notre Dame Matchup

Michigan State football players locking arms on the field.


Get excited for Michigan State football's big contest against Notre Dame this Saturday with a new hype video.

Michigan State football has championship hopes this year, but a lot of analysts still don't give the Spartans or the Big Ten Conference the respect they deserve. In light of this, one fan decided to take matters into his own hands with a video titled "Doubt Us."

We've all been the underdog before, and even if you aren't a fan of Michigan State, the video conveys the type of message everyone can get behind. Sometimes, you have to let the doubters and detractors fuel your fire, and that's exactly what the Spartans are doing this year.

The Spartans travel to South Bend this Saturday to take on perennial powerhouse No. 12 Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is an eight point favorite to win, but if the video is any indication, the Spartans should definitely not be counted out.