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Iowa Baseball Team Haunted By Ghosts That Steal Underwear

Among other things. How convenient.

This one may need to go to Unsolved Mysteries.

Six players of the Iowa Hawkeyes baseball team (and one hockey player as well) are living in house that is reportedly haunted by ghosts. The guys have been living in the house on North Dubuque Street for the past two years, and strange occurrences had been piling up in the residence, which was apparently a funeral home in the 1920's:

- Television channels had been changed when nobody was in the room
- Chairs moved around the kitchen late at night
- Several players' girlfriends' panties were removed while they were sleeping -- while they were wearing pants
- Doors were slamming inexplicably and footsteps could be heard upstairs
- Players were feeling exhausted and depressed in certain rooms -- unable to find the energy to even get out of bed
- One reported seeing "a shadow in the form of a human"

All of this inspired the players to take action -- so they hired a private investigator. More specifically, they sought out the Paranormal Activity Support Group on Facebook, and Iowa junior Trevor Kenyon insisted they come check out the house.

The ghostbusters team tells The Daily Iowan it found "two spirits staying there," those of a grandfather and an unrelated, 10-year-old girl. To solve the Iowa players' problems, they asked the spirits to play nice.

From The Daily Iowan:

“We did find there are two spirits staying there,” Marler said. “We got information that there was an older, grandfather-like gentlemen and a little girl around the age of 10, but they were not related.”

Kenyon told them about the problems he was having in his room, and they had a simple solution: Ask the spirit to stop stealing his energy.

“I don’t think he was trying to take his energy to be mean,” Benter said. “Sometimes, to get attention, they take energy. It can be harmful to people; they can get ill or be overcome with severe depression. I don’t think this one meant it to be harmful, but some do.”

The players seem happy to have figured out who the culprits are. More than that, they're happy to share their house with the spirits.

Now they reportedly go out of their way to please the ghosts. Trevor now leaves the TV on channels the ghosts like at night while he sleeps, and the other members have made peace with the guests. Since contact has been made with the ghosts, the energy levels in the players is back up -- which is good, they'll need it for baseball in the spring.