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Illinois OL Ted Karras Responds To Simon Cvijanovic's Allegations, Says Former Teammate "Quit On His Brothers"

Illinois ted karras say how simon cvijanovic quits on brothers.


Former Illinois offensive lineman Simon Cvijanovic posted a series of damning tweets about the Illini's football program earlier this afternoon. 

The former offensive tackle, whose college career ended last November when he injured his shoulder, made some serious allegations against head coach Tim Beckman and the Illinois athletic department. Among the allegations: he was pushed to play through pain; Illinois' head trainer was not a licensed medical professional; Beckman abused his power. 

Cvijanovic's former teammate, current Illinois offensive lineman Ted Karras, has responded to those allegations. 

">May 10, 2015

Karras wasn't the only person associated with the Illinois football program to respond. These are from former Illinois wide receiver Miles Osei, who also played with Cvijanovic.

Whatever the truth is, this is a pretty horrible look for the Illinois football program.