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ESPN's Dan Dakich Claims Calipari, Kentucky Is "Scared To Go To IU"

Dakich has #BBN in a frenzy

ESPN broadcaster and radio host Dan Dakich is not making many friends in Big Blue Nation. The former Indiana player and coach ripped into John Calipari via Twitter on Wednesday, accusing him of being the first Wildcats coach to be afraid to play Indiana in Assembly Hall:

Dakich's rant didn't end there. Some Kentucky fans argued that because Indiana rushed the court after beating Kentucky in 2011, and Kentucky doesn't rush the court against anyone, that UK is the superior program. Dakich used this as a way to knock the atmosphere at Rupp Arena:

Dakich may be purposefully riling up the ever-vitriolic #BBN, but if this back-and-forth proves anything, it is that these two programs need to start playing again. Whatever the reason is, the fact that this series has stalled is an absolute shame.

[A Sea of Blue]